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Ensuring the smooth and seamless event experience
(Hubilo + Zoom)

We are Dorier Group, an audiovisual event experience company serving corporate and institutional clients for more than 40 years. Our clients trust us to design and operate events that elevate what their audience sees, hears, and experiences emotionally.


Below are the quick tips to ensure you have the best event experience possible:


  1. Prepare your 16:9 PPT file in advance and send to the organiser beforehand​

  2. Use only Desktop version of the Zoom application

  3. Prepare a headset with microphone function

  4. Make sure you are presenting in a room with good lighting and no background noise

  5. It is advisable to use the external WebCam, if your laptop's built-in camera resolution is too low

  6. Check your internet speed in advance, recommended to use wired connection with the minimum bandwidth of 25 Mbps

You may download our complete Speakers Technical Guide document HERE 

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