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Are Virtual Events Effective?

Virtual events or hybrid events are not something new; despite the facts of the increasing popularity and demands for it due to the COVID-19 pandemic; borders restrictions and social distancing measures across the globe make it the so-called best option to conduct an event.

In Dorier, our clients often ask about the effectiveness of virtual/hybrid events; especially in term of the engagement of the attendees.

The short answer to it:

"It will never be able to reach the same level of engagements in the face-to-face event"

However, it doesn't mean it is not worth it. As an event organiser or event planner; we should maintain our focus on the objective of each and particular event we are organising. Of course, the most important thing is the event experience of each delegate throughout the event.

The virtual or hybrid event does not eliminate the engagement and event experience but changing it; the key is how to adapt and rethink the way of engaging the delegates throughout the event.

To find out more about how you can benefit from our DIVE Methodology for your event experience and engagement, reach out to us by submitting the inquiry form on our Contact Page now.

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