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Is LED Wall Studio Better than Green Screen Studio?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In the last two years, the demand for studio rental has a significant increase; due to the massive switch from offline event to online/virtual production. Mostly the available studio in the region is a green screen studio.

Green screen or "chroma key" technology is using a single colour as the backdrop of a a scene so that the editors can easily isolate ("key out") the object/person from the background in the post-production.

The similar solution can be achieved with the LED wall, and it is revolutionising the video industry today; but what are the differences and why should we care?

  1. Immersive onset experience No more need to imagine the environment in which a scene is taking place. Green screen studio requires the directors and persons in the scene to imagine their scene. LED Wall allows the persons in the studio to be immersed in the environment and react accordingly.

  2. Realistic Lighting & reflections LED panel technology is so advanced that the dynamic lights & colours are possible to achieve hyper-realistic environment. Now the reflections can be captured on camera directly.

  3. In-camera VFX A full control of real-time scene adjustments can only be achieved when we are using the LED Wall. It also allows the crew to capture virtual effects in camera, all backgrounds and action are all occurring live on set. These entire processes are absent when using a green screen.

  4. Shorter post-production All above-mentioned processes and convenience allows for a much more efficient flow to capture effects in real-time; resulting quicker turnaround time for the final product.

  5. Increase overall efficiency Fully controlled environment in which production doesn't need to account for weather, times of day, or complications with travel. Essentially eliminates the need for re-shoots, due to the possibility for everyone to see and correct the scenes in real-time.

Ready for the next upcoming event and still considering about LED Wall studio VS green screen studio? Let's connect with us and discuss the best solution for your needs and event goals to achieve #withDorier

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